tipo/type 054A
Bandiera Flag Cina
Armatore Owner People's Liberation Army Navy Surface Force
Operatore Manager People's Liberation Army Navy Surface Force
Impostazione chiglia Keel laid 2014
Varo Launched 13.12.2015
Consegnata Delivered 29.12.2016
Entrata in servizio In service 2018
Cantiere navale Shipyard Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding - China
Costruzione n. Yard number
Tipo di scafo
Hull type scafo singolo - single hull
Nominativo Internazionale Call Sign B N E U -
I.M.O.       International Maritime Organization
M.M.S.I.   Maritime Mobile Service Identity 412551500
Numero d'identificazione ID number 515
Porto di base Home Port
Posizione attuale Actual position
Stazza Lorda Gross Tonnage

Dislocamento max

Displacement max 4.053 Tonn
Lunghezza max L.o.a. 134,10 m
Larghezza max
Breadth max 16,0 m
Altezza di costruzione Depth
Pescaggio max
Draught max 6.0 m
Motore principale Main Engine CODAD, 4 x Shaanxi 16 PA6 STC diesels, 5700 kW (7600+ hp @ 1084 rpm) each
Potenza Motori Engine Power 4 x 5.700 Kw (tot.22.800 Kw)
Eliche di propulsione Propellers
Velocità massima Max speed 27.0 kn
Armamento Arms

1 - 32-cell VLS (Vertical Launch System) HQ-16 SAM
8 - anti submarine rocket launcher

2 × 4 C-803 anti-ship / land attack cruise missiles
1 × PJ26 76 mm dual purpose gun
2 × Type 730 7-barrel 30 mm CIWS guns or Type 1130
2 × 3 324mm Yu-7 ASW torpedo launchers
2 × 6 Type 87 240mm anti-submarine rocket launcher (36       rockets carried)
2 × Type 726-4 18-tube decoy rocket launchers


1 -382 Radar
1 -344 Radar (Mineral-ME Band Stand) OTH target acquisition     and SSM fire control radar
4 × 345 Radar(MR-90 Front Dome) SAM fire control radars
   MR-36A surface search radar, I-band
1 -347G 76 mm gun fire control radar
2 × Racal RM-1290 navigation radars, I-band
1 -MGK-335 medium frequency active/passive sonar system
H/SJG-206 towed array sonar
ZKJ-4B/6 (developed from Thomson-CSF TAVITAC) combat data system
HN-900 Data link (Chinese equivalent of Link 11A/B, to be upgraded)
AKD5000S Ku band SATCOM
1 -922-1 radar warning receiver
HZ-100 ECM & ELINT system
Kashtan-3 missile jamming system

Velivoli Aircraft 1 Kamov Ka-28 'Helix' or Harbin Z-9C
Autonomia Range 8.125 nm a/at 15,0 kn
Equipaggio Crew
Navi gemelle Sister ship
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