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Replenishment Vessel
( )
Bandiera Flag Spegna - Spain
Armatore Owner Ministero della difesa - Ministry of Defence
Operatore Manager Marina Militare Spagnola - Spanish Navy
Impostazione chiglia Keel laid 18.06.2007
Varo Launched 21.07.2008
Entrata in servizio In service 29.09.2010
Cantiere navale Shipyard Puerto Real - Cadiz - Spain
Costruzione n. Yard number
Tipo di scafo
Hull type scafo singolo - single hull
Nominativo Internazionale Call Sign E B A S -
I.M.O.       International Maritime Organization 9517604
M.M.S.I.   Maritime Mobile Service Identity 225383000
Numero d'identificazione ID Number A 15
Posizione attuale Actual position
Porto di base Home Port
Stazza Lorda Gross Tonnage 16.094 Tons

Portata max

DWT max 10.630 Tonn
Dislocamento Displacement 19.500 Tonn
Lunghezza max L.o.a. 173,80 m
Lunghezza tra le Pp L. between Pp 170,40 m
Larghezza max
Breadth max 23,32 m
Altezza di costruzione Depth
Pescaggio max
Draught max 8,0 m
Motore principale Main Engine 2 - MAN 18V 40/45
Potenza Motori Engine Power 10.980 Kw
Eliche di propulsione Propellers 1 - passo variabile / controllable pitch
Velocità massima Max speed 21,30 kn
Capacità di carico Cargo capacity Fuel : 8,920 m3
JP -5 : 1,585 m3
Fresh water : 215 m3
Ammunition : 280 Tons
General cargo : 470 Tons
Armamento Arms 6 - SRBOC Mk-36 Chaff Launchers SRBOC MK3
2 - 20 mm OERLIKON heavy machineguns
4 - 12.7 mm BROWNING medium machineguns
2 - MG-42 light machineguns

EID ICCS integrated communications control system
2 radars: ARIES SAAS-NAV for surface search.
1 - Radar Aries SAAS-SCH for helicopter control.
IFF CIT-25D transponder system.
RIGEL ESM system: a passive countermeasures system capable of detecting LPI radars, connected to 6 chaff launchers
DIANA System: Navigation Data Distribution System connecting data from the GPS, AIS, gyroscope, sounder and weather station
LINK-11 LINPRO : Optronic Surveillance System (SVO) developed by TECNOBIT: a TV and FLIR surveillance system capable of tracking targets, video recording, sector search and laser measurement system
CONAM C2D/C3D multifunction console tables. 4 console tables: one triple and three double to display tactical data, radar video, TV video and interchangeable processors

Elicotteri Helicopters 3 AB-212 or 2 SH-3D/NH-90
Autonomia Range 6.000 nm a/at 13/14 kn
Equipaggio Crew 122 + Air Group: 20 + transport 68
Navi gemelle Sister ship
Aggiornata Last updated

I dati e le informazioni sono stati ricavati dal sito del Ministero della difesa alla sezione Marina Militare Italiana


Data and information were obtained from the website of the Ministry of Defense in section Italian Navy.

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